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Half Tonner in Hamble

Half Tonner Marine Survey in Hamble

An old half tonner, inspected on the Hamble River for the cored deck moisture content. As a Marine Surveyor specialising in GRP (FRP) composites, I carry a selection of moisture meters to ascertain whether moisture has penetrated into the laminate and/or into the core, whether PVC foam or balsa. I use the latest Sovereign Quantum Marine Moisture Meter, which can accurately compare moisture levels on shallow (up to around 3mm deep) readings with deeper readings, including into the core itself. I also use a Tramex Skipper meter, which is excellent for decks, with two softer sensors allowing any uneven non slip paint or moulded in pattern of gelcoat to be fully in contact with the sensors, and also a Protimeter Aquant II, which is actually designed for the building trade, but likewise excellent at measuring deep into the core, while ignoring superficial moisture – which is very useful on days with poor conditions, surface moisture and for underwater surfaces that have just been pressure washed when time is short hoisted in the slings for a lunchtime hoist survey.