Contest 55 Project Supervision, Lymington

Contest 55

This Contest 55 in Lymington was undergoing a major refurbishment project when as a Marine Surveyor I was asked to supervise the project. The critical moisture level below the waterline was accurately established using the latest testing equipment, reading both the laminate and the internal end grain balsa core, prior to a full epoxy treatment with WEST system 105.

Contest 50, Medemblik Holland


Contest 50CS Marine Survey in Medemblik, Holland where she was originally built. This great go anywhere cruiser was being sold by the original owner, who has already cruised the world in her. In great condition and ready to go around the world again, one of my favourite cruisers!

Contest 46, Holland


A Contest 46 Marine Survey – Contest, built in Holland, surveyed in Holland and in great condition for a 25 year old vessel. These boats are solid and well built, this one meticulously looked after by the German owner, wintered ashore under cover for 6 months every year, with a comprehensive maintenance programme.