Hallberg Rassy 43 Berthon

Hallberg Rassy 43 Marine Survey

A beautiful Hallberg Rassy 43 at Berthon, Lymington for a pre-purchase survey. The purchaser was looking for a blue water cruiser suitable for a trans-Atlantic to the Caribbean then up to Boston via Chesapeake Bay and possibly to the Artic Circle.

The Hallberg Rassy marque is a high quality Swedish cruiser designed and built very much with blue water cruising in mind – PVC foam cored hull and deck for additional insulation as well as rigidity, lead keel, teak decks and a long list of additions to make life that much more enjoyable!

Hallberg Rassy 36 Hamble

Hallberg Rassy 36 Marine Survey Hamble

A marine survey of a Hallberg Rassy 36 at Transworld Yachts in Hamble by Guy Nicholls, Marine Surveyor.

I’ve surveyed dozens of this well known brand in the last year or so. Well constructed, pvc foam cored topsides and partially cored below the waterline for insulation, leaving key areas such as the centreline and around skin fittings to transition to monolithic construction. Generally these types have little structural issues, but often when the bonded on teak decks have been scrubbed or worse, pressure washed, these will require refurbishment or even replacement. Prior to the last 90’s, the teak decks were through fastened, allowing any worn areas to potentially loose the dowels and allow moisture down the fastening to the cored deck; thankfully now with modern adhesives this is no longer an issue.

Hallberg Rassy 40 Survey Hamble

Hallberg Rassy Marine Survey

A Hallberg Rassy 40 marine survey by Guy Nicholls, Marine Surveyor Hamble for Solent Marine Surveys. The Hallberg Rassy range are of cored FRP (GRP) construction which helps insulate the hull and deck from Swedish temperatures! The cored construction also allows lighter construction that would have been the case with single skin or monolithic construction, while in this case, the PVC foam core cannot absorb moisture as can happen when end grain balsa is used for the core material.

Hallberg-Rassy 42 Survey, Hamble

Hallberg Rassy 42 yacht marine survey for Transworld Yachts in Hamble

A Hallberg-Rassy 42 yacht marine survey in Hamble for Transworld Yachts, the UK distributor. These classic Hallberg-Rassys, designed by Christoph Rassy and Olle Enderlein have since been replaced by newer designs by German Frers.

This older design, with flush teak decks and heavy displacement with a fairly long encapsulated keel were a new generation of blue water cruising yachts and concreted the Swedish yard’s reputation for quality. Modern Hallberg-Rassys now use a PVC foam core for both the hull and deck rigidity, but back in the 1980’s when this once was built, the hull was monolithic (solid single skin), and the deck was end grain balsa cored, which gives a marine surveyor quite a headache to ascertain whether any moisture has permeated through. Modern Hallberg-Rassy’s have the teak deck bonded to the GRP, however in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the teak decks were through fastened, resulting in potential conduits for moisture to enter the core, where dowels had worn down.

Hallberg Rassy 40 Hamble

Hallberg Rassy Marine Survey

A Hallberg Rassy 40 in the water at Hamble Point Marina, Hamble for a Tonnage Measurement Survey for British Registration. The tonnage measurement is fairly straightforward, accurately measuring the length overall excluding bow rollers and other overhangs, the max beam excluding rubbing strips, and then the depth at half length. The depth measurement is less straightforward, requiring the tonnage measurer to estimate the centreline height at deck level excluding the coachroof, thus estimating the deck camber and measuring to the upper side of the keel, or bilge if a keel sump exists. The resulting measurement gives an idea of the volume, or tonnage, of the interior, for holding cargo such as wheat, wine or beer!

Hallberg Rassy 48, Sea Trial

Hallberg Rassy Sea Trial

Hallberg Rassy 48 Sea Trial with Berthon Brokerage and the purchaser from Lymington within the Western Solent. The best part of being a Yacht Surveyor / Marine Surveyor can be sea trials such as this. This Hallberg Rassy is a high quality Scandinavian yacht, this vessel has sailed around the world, and could do so again!