Hanse 400 Port Solent

Hanse 400 Marine Survey

A Hanse 400 in the slings at Port Solent for a “hoist and hold” during a pre-purchase survey by Guy Nicholls, Solent Marine Surveys.

The Hanse are a range that are known particularly well by this surveyor as I have recently bought one myself! I’ve been impressed with the build quality for a production vessel, the deck in particular being too thick for a standard electric winch that when fitted, required an extra spacer as the deck was too thick for the standard one to engage the spindle correctly! They also sail better than some other production cruisers which is important to me.


Dufour 375 Marine Survey

Dufour 375 Marine Survey Port Solent, Portsmouth

Dufour 375 Marine Survey at Port Solent. These Dufour built yachts are well finished and sail well, with good accommodation.

Dufour are generally well built craft from France, with modern Iso resins and a single  (monolithic) hull take everyday knocks and bumps as well as most. This one boasted a lowering bow thruster, offering in some ways the best of both worlds – easy manoeuvring in port and no extra resistance when sailing!

Interestingly these craft do seem to attract blistering to the rudder sometimes though, the cause of which is difficult to determine. Possible causes might be contaminatiuon of the mould at the build stage, or contamination of the matt or resin used within the rudder build, or the humidity being too high, the list of possible causes can be endless

Sunseeker Marine Survey Portsmouth

Sunseeker ashore for a marine survey in Portsmouth

A Sunseeker Hawk 27 ashore for a marine survey near Portsmouth – Trafalgar Wharf in Porchester which overlooks Port Solent Marina opposite. Sunseeker, a Poole based UK company have built up a reputation over decades for sea-kindly hulls, derived from race type hull forms and adapted for leisure use. Sunseeker hulls are well built, however do sometimes reveal some debonding particularly to the deck as this is a cored (also known as sandwich) method of construction, which allows lighter weight and/or stiffer sections than traditional single skin FRP construction. A Marine Surveyor is required to both hammer sound and take many moisture readings to ascertain any moisture related debonding issues. When conducting this part of a marine survey, I am unique in using 3 different moisture meters: A Sovereign Quantum, a Tramex Skipper and a Protimeter Aquant to allow me to fully evaluate any moisture entrapment either within the GRP laminate or within the core.

Beneteau Oceanis 390, Port Solent

Beneteau Oceanis

Beneteau Oceanis 390 Marine Survey at Ancasta ,Port Solent Marina, Portsmouth. These high volume low cost comfortable cruisers have been a favourite with charter companies worldwide for years. Wrap around coachroof windows, plenty of ventilation, a large bathing platform and space for a bimini without obstructing the mainsheet system are several reasons why these vessels are popular in the hotter climates.

Sigma 38, Port Solent

Sigma 38

Sigma 38 Marine Survey at Port Solent. A well maintained example of this cruiser/racer in great condition. Sigma 38s have been around for 3 decades in the prizes, designed as a non high tech one design GRP offshore cruiser/racer, which the design does superbly, now more often raced under IRC. Marine insurance survey at Port Solent.