A Westerly Oceanquest 35 at her berth in Hythe Marine Village near Southampton after a full pre-purchase marine survey ashore there. I am a previous employee of Westerly Yachts myself (Westerly Yachts Ltd came after Westerly Marine Construction, which was founded in 1963, folded in 1980) and traded from 1981 to 1991, thereafter the new company, Westerly Yacht Construction merged with several other local builders, starting with Victoria Marine and later Rival Bowman and Starlight. The Westerly Oceanquest is in effect a revamp of the previous generation of Ed Dubois designs, the aft cockpit Westerly Falcon in this case, which shared the same hull as the Westerly Seahawk centre cockpit. The designs are all a fairly typical Westerly designs: High beam, high freeboard to accommodate a large saloon, well built with some might say overbuilt GRP work, at a time when resin costs were sky rocketing again it is easy to see why lighter designs, particularly from France were so much more profitable.