Partial Surveys

There are many reasons an owner or purchaser may require a partial survey, also known as a limited scope survey. These might include an initial inspection, an acceptance survey (for newly delivered vessels), sea trials, a specific damage survey, safety checks or hull only survey, to name a few. The list below is by no means exhaustive, any partial survey as specified by the owner or purchaser is available subject to detailed written requirements and agreement of fees.

In a little more detail:

Initial Inspection: Might be conducted for a less experienced purchaser before deciding to proceed with a full Pre-Purchase Survey, and possibly even before an offer is made. The inspection will be less detailed than a full survey. This can be useful to a purchaser and can be conducted on multiple vessels to ascertain the best of any shortlist compiled.

Acceptance survey: Is usually for a newly delivered vessel but can be for used vessels too. The scope can vary enormously according to the client’s requirements and might include any level of detail from a check of equipment and safety gear to a sea trial, through to a full pre-purchase survey to check the quality of workmanship and materials used.

Sea Trials: May be conducted as part of a pre-purchase survey, or as a stand-alone survey. For powered vessels in particular a sea trial is recommended as part of the pre-purchase survey. The purpose of the survey is usually:

  • To check the starting, exhaust smoke and running of the engine(s) under load; to check for leaks of fuel, oils and water, and for any undue vibration and investigate as necessary.
  • To check that the performance of the vessel is per the specification – any drop off in performance under load requires further analysis, whether it be reduction in rpm or reduction in the vessel’s speed specified.

For sail vessels, the above checks plus a look at the rig if required under load and a more complete examination of the sails than is possible when ashore.

Specific damage: Will usually be as a result of an impact and will cover specific areas. The survey scope will depend entirely on the owner’s requirements and is recommended in the case of an insurance claim, as the insurer will understandably attempt to minimise the claim. We assist by ensuring the repairs of any damage and subsequent related damage are adequate and cover the necessary criteria. Note we are independent of any insurers.

Safety checks: Can be made for any items dependent on the owner’s requirements, ranging from simple safety equipment such as fire fighting equipment to specific hull or fitting items.

Stuctural survey: The most basic of pre-purchase surveys, covering items from 1 to 13 under the scope section, or as specified by the purchaser or owner as applicable.

Note: A pre-purchase survey (or any partial survey) can be conducted by vendors, pre sale, in order to give prospective purchasers an indication of the vessel’s condition. This is particularly useful in a used boat show scenario, where buyers can feel daunted. I have seen this used to good effect personally.

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

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