Pre-Purchase Survey

Also known as a Full Survey, or a Full Condition Survey, is carried out by the purchaser (and sometimes the vendor in advance of a sale) and its purpose is to establish the overall condition of the vessel in terms of defects, wear and tear, maintenance, quality of build and to identify and assess any significant past repairs, damage or other factors in the structure or systems affecting the integrity, safety or seaworthiness of the vessel.

We combine best practice survey techniques with the latest electronic non destructive testing aids where appropriate, including the most modern equipment to provide moisture readings from surface readings up to around 30mm depth, including into the foam or balsa core for a vessel of sandwich (cored) construction. An engine oil sample can be taken on request and sent for full laboratory analysis, to ascertain if there are any signs of internal wear and whether any fuel, water or other contaminants are present in the engine oil.

The pre-purchase survey inspects, tests, analyses and reports on the complete vessel and her equipment in the sections below – a detailed breakdown can be found under the scope section for power or sail:

  • Hull, deck and superstructure
  • Steering, stern gear and skin fittings
  • On deck fittings
  • Rig and rigging (for sail vessels)
  • Safety equipment
  • Engine/s and fuel system
  • Accommodation and on board systems

The purchaser is welcome to attend or meet on board after the survey, and the written report is emailed within two working days after the survey. Often a purchaser will request a telephone appraisal after the survey if unable to attend, and this, together with any follow up advice and discussion, including suggestions on how any defects should be made good, is included in our fees.

Our survey techniques and reports follow best practice industry standards, and can be tailored in style to accommodate greater explanation if required.

Moody Chainplate, usually inaccessible

Bavaria Rudder