A Gibsea 76 at Gosport Marina, Gosport for a marine survey. Gibsea, also known as Gib’sea, built by Gilbert Marine in France were a smaller production builder than the French giants of Beneteau or Jeanneau, however were well built for the era. Caravela Yachts of Hamble imported these popular French cruisers into the UK in the 1980’s and 90’s, with hundreds sold. Gibsea were rescued in the mid 1990’s by Dufour and continued production.

The boats have lasted well and with the single skin FRP hull have proved robust, the internal joinery being well finished and the accommodation practical. Rob Humphreys was called in to take over from Group Graal, Jacques Fauroux and Joubert Nivelt as the in house designer in the late 1980’s, with designs such as the Gibsea 312 and Gibsea 414 being good performance cruiser / racers and achieving good results on the IRC circuit. The company was also well known for its earlier racers, such as the Flush Poker 27 and various quarter tonners.