Dufour 375 Marine Survey

Dufour 375 Marine Survey Port Solent, Portsmouth

Dufour 375 Marine Survey at Port Solent. These Dufour built yachts are well finished and sail well, with good accommodation.

Dufour are generally well built craft from France, with modern Iso resins and a single  (monolithic) hull take everyday knocks and bumps as well as most. This one boasted a lowering bow thruster, offering in some ways the best of both worlds – easy manoeuvring in port and no extra resistance when sailing!

Interestingly these craft do seem to attract blistering to the rudder sometimes though, the cause of which is difficult to determine. Possible causes might be contaminatiuon of the mould at the build stage, or contamination of the matt or resin used within the rudder build, or the humidity being too high, the list of possible causes can be endless

Dufour 36 CC Survey, Lymington

Dufour 36 Yacht Marine Survey in the slings at Lymington Yacht Haven

This Dufour 36 CC (centre cockpit), surveyed at Lymington Yacht Haven is an unusual Dufour – the majority of the 36 Classic range designed by Alain Mortain & Yiannis Mavrikios being traditional aft cockpit designs, totalling around 470 built.

The main benefit of the centre cockpit of course is the large owners cabin aft, which has full standing headroom, the downside being a higher cockpit which is further forward than a traditional aft cockpit.

I’ve surveyed a number of Dufour Yachts over the last few years, the original build quality with monolithic hull and cored FRP deck does seem to stand up to time fairly well. Sailing wise, in common with many modern designs, the low ballast ratio with cast iron keel in this case (some 36 Classic models have a lead keel) will require early reefing.

Dufour 36 Classic, Lymington

Dufour 36 Classic

Dufour 36 Classic Yacht Marine Survey with Ancasta in Lymington at Lymington Yacht Haven. A solid sailing cruiser with a deep coloured mahogany interior that had been well cared for. The linear galley to starboard, curved seating to port with a bench seat on the centreline is an unusual but highly effective and practical layout.