Hanse 470e Hamble

Hanse 470e ashore in Hamble for a marine survey

A Hanse 470e in Hamble for a pre-purchase marine survey by Guy Nicholls. The Hanse 470e, the “e” standing for epoxy, are incredibly strong – built with a vacuum bagged prepreg epoxy/Corecell foam sandwich construction which is then post cured. They feature a huge galvanised steel grid connecting the keel and chainplate loads, which is fully laminated into the hull structure, together with fully laminated in bulkheads rather than the common use of adhesive epoxy paste as a means of bonding the vessel’s bulkheads and tray matrix. A very strongly built vessel, they don’t make them like that anymore!

Hanse 400 Port Solent

Hanse 400 Marine Survey

A Hanse 400 in the slings at Port Solent for a “hoist and hold” during a pre-purchase survey by Guy Nicholls, Solent Marine Surveys.

The Hanse are a range that are known particularly well by this surveyor as I have recently bought one myself! I’ve been impressed with the build quality for a production vessel, the deck in particular being too thick for a standard electric winch that when fitted, required an extra spacer as the deck was too thick for the standard one to engage the spindle correctly! They also sail better than some other production cruisers which is important to me.


Hanse 445 Survey Torrevieja

Hanse 445 Marine Surveyor Europe

A Hanse 445 survey in Torrevieja by Guy Nicholls, Marine Surveyor Spain & Europe.

The Hanse range have increased production significantly since the turn of the century, with the brand being very popular both in the UK and in the Mediterranean. Like other production builders, Hanse have worked hard to reduce cost during the build, however have also done a good job in keeping the quality up and this becomes apparent when a surveyor is testing for structural defects during a survey. Often the range use a Coremat type bulking material within the hull laminate, reverting to the more commonly used end grain balsa core for the deck and superstructure.

Hanse 385 Port Solent

A Hanse 385 survey by Marine Surveyor Guy Nicholls at Port Solent. Solent Marine Surveys regularly cover the areas of Lymington to Chichester, with surveys further afield including Europe, having recently surveyed in Holland, Spain, Greece, France.

The Hanse range like many modern cruisers are built on a production line basis, often using a tray matrix or grid to stiffen the hull and connect the keel and chainplate loadings. Like many modern yachts, the Hanse range use modern resins making osmosis and moisture related defects a thing of the past. Areas however that are often found in this type of production yacht include moisture within the end grain balsa cored deck, and bulkhead attachment issues. This particular example however was free of any significant defects.

Hanse 455, Universal Marina

Hanse 455 Marine Survey, at Universal Marina on the river Hamble. The Hanse 415, a stylish German production cruiser / racer with modern interior at Universal Marina, Hamble River. This Hanse in excellent condition and offering a good combination of accommodation and performance.