A Jeanneau Sunrise 34 undergoing a marine survey for insurance purposes at Gosport Boatyard. These Jaques Fauroux designs were moderate in displacement, beam, sail area and shape, giving a comfortable boat to sail with no major vices, being much less beamy than more modern designs. Jeanneau started building in GRP in 1958 and the Jeanneau Sunrise model production ran from 1984 to 1989 with over 600 of the type manufactured. Jeanneau are now part of the Beneteau Group, having been briefly run as a cooperative. This model design with one double aft cabin are very good value on the second hand market. Typical areas for a marine surveyor to be wary of are the underwater surfaces having high moisture content and/or blistering, although being a single skin construction below the waterline there is no concern of moisture within the core below waterline. Keel studs are typically encapsulated with GRP and are therefore not an issue, and the cored deck can often have areas of high moisture which requires monitoring.