A Hallberg-Rassy 42 yacht marine survey in Hamble for Transworld Yachts, the UK distributor. These classic Hallberg-Rassys, designed by Christoph Rassy and Olle Enderlein have since been replaced by newer designs by German Frers.

This older design, with flush teak decks and heavy displacement with a fairly long encapsulated keel were a new generation of blue water cruising yachts and concreted the Swedish yard’s reputation for quality. Modern Hallberg-Rassys now use a PVC foam core for both the hull and deck rigidity, but back in the 1980’s when this once was built, the hull was monolithic (solid single skin), and the deck was end grain balsa cored, which gives a marine surveyor quite a headache to ascertain whether any moisture has permeated through. Modern Hallberg-Rassy’s have the teak deck bonded to the GRP, however in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the teak decks were through fastened, resulting in potential conduits for moisture to enter the core, where dowels had worn down.